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The Professionals

    Liane :- AKA Boss Lady

    Already been in the Hairdressing industry for over 17 years, Liane's passion for hair just keeps growing! With the latest Colour Trends getting bigger each year, so does her Love for testing the boundaries of what can be achieved. Fully educated in all aspects of hairdressing and over the years has been involved with using Matrix, TIGI & Affinage Products, alongside Photoshoots and Alternative Styling. She also offers Dressed Hair services and can provide professional one to one advice to help you achieve perfection on your big day from personal styling tips to doing the important duties herself. If it's a Classic or Alternative style you are after then look no further!

    Loren :- AKA Hair Fairy

    Loren grown up with a keen passion for hair and every aspect that comes with it. Starting as a young teen she has always dyed, cut and styled her friends & family's hair whenever the opportunity arose. Now 4 years later into her career, she shows true passion and ambition in everything that she does. With full Matrix training and a keen eye for hair colour. Loren is never afraid to take a risk and continues to raise the bar on what is achievable for each and every client. Often called 'The Hair Fairy' by her own clients, she will always try her utmost to provide the best service and experience. There isn't anything this girl can't do with a tint bowl and brush and certainly lives up to her name.

    Zoe :- AKA Creative Nail Queen

    The lovely owner of Queen of Hearts Beauty became fully established in 2012 with a view to create beautiful and exciting nails with the help of Artistic Colour Gloss. Even though Zoe's Nail Art is her true passion, clients come to her not only for this but for a professional and friendly service too. She loves welcoming clients new and old to this vibrant yet relaxed environment where the sky is the limit with our creativity! Queen of Hearts Beauty offers more than just Nail Services, she is also fully qualified in Individual Lashes and Makeup to suit any occasion. Zoe feels that It's all about you, and that Women need to feel valued, empowered, confident and able to express themselves in ways that make them happy and hopes her little part in the beauty world is contributing to this. ''Nothing makes me happier than providing a place where women can invest time in themselves. If you leave feeling better than when you came in, I know I have done my job well. Even after 4 years I am still amazed how a manicure can change a mindset. Do not underestimate the value of looking after yourself.I always want to thank my clients for trusting in me and allowing me to realise my dreams. I hope you enjoy your time with me at Queen of Hearts Beauty as much as I enjoy my time with you.'' - Zoe QoHB